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Laura Bateman

Manual treatments tailored to you and your wellbeing by your specialist massage therapist.

" Helping your body to move and function correctly. "

Whether you have been affected by injury, illness or age-related problems, or would simply like to ensure your body remains in optimum condition, we are here to help. With over a decade of experience in manual therapies, Laura Bateman from The Body Works uses a range of massage techniques to help her clients find comfort and relief.


With an approach that works to identify underlying problems rather than just treating symptoms, Laura focuses on the body as a whole whilst taking into consideration isolated areas of pain. Her large repertoire of treatments alleviates a diverse range of conditions, and with complementary strength and conditioning exercises, those that place their trust in her experience greater relief and improved wellbeing.




Whether you are suffering from muscular strains, back pain, tendonitis, stiffness or any other, Laura tailors her treatments to relieve pain, improve movement and promote relaxation. By manipulating, mobilising and massaging the body’s tissues, Laura’s manual therapy helps her clients to achieve a better quality of life.


With an interest in science, sports and nutrition as well as treatment rehabilitation, Laura also offers friendly guidance to those that wish to make overall changes in their lifestyles in a safe and effective manner.


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