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" Discover the treatments that work to reduce pain, increase mobility and enhance wellbeing.”

Whilst soft tissue therapy and massage treatments are primarily effective at relieving pain, there are also many other health benefits that can be enjoyed by this practise. Not only can manual therapies help to improve stiffness and encourage better movement of the body, but they can promote relaxation and aid sleep.


By manipulating and massaging the body tissues, a specialist massage therapist can improve blood circulation, prevent stress on the joints, drain fluids more efficiently and assist with the management of life long, chronic conditions by decreasing anxiety and promoting relaxation.


Contrary to common belief, manual therapies and soft tissue therapy need not be restricted to those suffering from pain as they are also effective for general body maintenance.  Taking the time to ensure that bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons are in optimum condition decreases the risk of future injury and enables the early detection of underlying problems.



At The Body Works centre in Cheshire, Laura treats those that are affected by existing problems as well as those that wish to sustain long term wellbeing. What’s more, she combines effective manual therapies with exercises and activities that work towards improving mobility and body function for greater rehabilitation.


With this in mind, if you would like to discuss how both Laura and The Body Works can assist with pain, injury, age-related conditions or general wellbeing, please get in touch. A comprehensive assessment is conducted to assess the right treatment plan for you before sessions begin. Simply call 07543 321871 or email to find out more.


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