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The Body Works Cheshire - Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage that realigns the fibres and connective tissues, this manual therapy improves flexibility, reduces pain and enhances range of motion. Typically lasting 45 mins to an hour, this manipulative massage is effective for the prevention and healing of injuries, chronic conditions and restricted movement to the muscles and tendons.


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The Body Works Cheshire - Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage stimulates blood flow and lymph fluids, increases oxygen levels in the blood and decreases muscle toxins and tension. Through the manipulation of the superficial layers of the muscles, this manual therapy is ideal for relaxation and restoration of the body. Combining long gliding strokes with kneading, friction and tapping, the Swedish Massage leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.


The Body Works Cheshire - Pre and Postnatal Massage

Rest assured if you can’t find a sitter your baby is welcome too.


60 mins £50

90 mins £75

Sometimes just a relaxing massage is all you need. Trust that you are in capable hands, Laura will use soft gentle techniques guaranteed to ease tension and allow you to relax and drift off for a while on the couch.


If you have specific aches and pains or problems with oedema (puffy/swollen ankles for example) during pregnancy, these can be treated using a variety of sports therapy techniques to reduce symptoms and promote a comfortable and happy pregnancy.


Postnatal treatments are also available. If you just want a bit of TLC, a relaxing massage can work wonders to help you feel refreshed and relaxed. If you are suffering postpartum with pain and discomfort, or a lack of strength and stability, especially if you have had a C-section, a difficult birth, we are more than happy to help get you back to your old self.



Laura Bateman

Laura Bateman

Laura at The Body Works Cheshire invites clients to get in touch to discuss their initial needs. Working with individuals as well as sport enthusiasts, clubs, teams and events, Laura tailors treatment to requirements and provides a flexible and friendly service that enhances well-being and peace of mind.


Appointments can be booked via this website for the clinic based in Cheshire, and home visits can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. To find out more, please contact Laura on 07543 321871.

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